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Corporate Philosophy

When it comes to technical competence, reliability, honesty, promptness and flexibility we have the ambition to be regarded as the first choice for our customers.

The products of BIW are found in almost all industries and in various applications so that with our expertise we have to face any requirements in all different sectors.

BIW products solve a multitude of technical problems and mostly remain in the shadows. High temperature resistance, flexibility in deep temperatures, excellent chemical stability, sound electric isolation properties, abrasion resistance and high elasticity and/or flexibility are customary requirements which the high-quality products need to fulfil. Each of utilises BIW products in the direct environment (they are mostly not immediately recognised), whether as a protective hose in the automobile’s cable harness, as pressure hose in the coffee machine, as frame gasket in the stove door or as seal ring in the heating system. Quite rightly you have the highest demands for household appliances, automobiles, heating units or medical appliances you are using in everyday life. Our customers reasonably pass on this high standard of quality to BIW.

This means that we have to give proof of our top customer service and top quality at world market level for all industrial consumers – day after day. This is the high standard that we aspire when manufacturing, testing, releasing and selling and delivering these articles to our customers with advice and support every day.