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BIW Compact 1-2012 Englisch

Since the beginning of the year the injection moul- ding machines for silicone mouldings are again running at full capacity. Following the move to a modern new building, 40 employees under the guidance of Dieter Scollick now produce customer-specific mouldings. The positive development of this sector and the extra- ordinary growth of BIW resulted in capacities of the old location becoming insufficient. Thus, at the beginning of 2011, the management decided to move the production of the mouldings out of the main factory: an investment of more than € 3.5 million. The new hall is now home to pro- duction on 365 days a year in 3 shifts. To be able to process the increasing demand also for the in- ternational clients in an even more flexible and faster way, a modern, scanner-operated high rack store with 756 storage spaces was estab- lished. It also independently handles the entire incoming and outgoing goods for mouldings. The modern EDP-supported pro- duction control system is a further innovation. It communicates in real time with the machines and delivers information regarding the progress of the production up to the second. This considerably improves the entire planning process. The strategic orientation for silicone mouldings was also newly organised. Sven Braatz supports the team of Dieter Scollick as sales manager and project manager for moulding products. In addition to that he is commercially responsible for the entire business unit. Where are silicone mouldings applied? BIW processes 3,000 tons of silicone every year. The business unit Mouldings hereby draws on extensive experiences and predominately uses Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). For many years now it is also possible to inject high consistency rubber (HCR) or to produce products in semi- automate machines or transfer moulding systems. In both procedures the connection and subsequent vulcanisation of the silicone occurs under heat supply. The LSR injection moulding process permits a high degree of automation, partially with direct injection, in utmost quality. This enables us to perfectly plan customer-specific projects and produce them in small, medium and large series at a good price-performance ratio. One important consumer of LSR parts is the automoti- ve industry, for which e.g. plug seals for cable sets and electrical distribution systems are produced. BIW is also strongly represented in the household appliances and elec- trical equipment sector. Further areas of application include the lighting and electro industry as well as the energy sector, for which the excellent thermal and mechanical characteristics of silicone are ideal. The developers of the internal Technology Centre assess the characteristic requirements and implement also those customer requirements which seem impossible at first glance. This facilitates the creation of electrical-conducive material or magnetic silicone compositions. Combinations of self-adhesive silicone and plastic com- pounds are also very popular. BIW develops overmoulded parts based on integrated tool systems and realises indivi- dual serial production automatically or semi-automatically. Would you like to find out more? Just call us and we will develop an optimal solution also for your project. NEW PRODUCTION PREMISES FOR THE Business UNIt SILICONe MOULDINGS Securing jobs and the economic future of the Ennepetal area with the expansion of the mouldings production to more 3,000 m². Compact When it comes to competence When it comes to competence Optimally positioned: 25 fully automated Arburg injection moulding machines are available The team of the silicone moulding business unit Dieter Scollick, Production Manager Silicone Mouldings INNOVATION AT A GLANCE 02 Application examples for silicone mouldings Automotive: ƒƒ Seals for hybrid technology ƒƒ Vibration dampers for power boards ƒƒ Connector seals ƒƒ Battery end plates ƒƒ Components for electro vehicles Household appliance industry: ƒƒ Sealing elements for coffee and espresso machines ƒƒ Riser connections for drink vending machines ƒƒ Seals for hotplates and thermos flasks ƒƒ Sealing systems for steam irons ƒƒ System solutions for microwaves, steam cookers, ovens and cooking pots Medical technology: ƒƒ Bellows ƒƒ Handles for surgical instruments ƒƒ Dialysis caps ƒƒ Filter-proof hybrids for dialysis ƒƒ Heated ventilation tubes Aerospace Engineering: ƒƒ Cable protection-systems for Airbus A 380 ƒƒ Seals for galleys — Sven Braatz