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BIW Compact 1-2012 Englisch

The first part of the workshop was conducted by the Deep- wood-Profi team. Fun and excitement was guaranteed with the “Himmelsleiter” (stairway to heaven) and the “Brücke des da Vinci” (da Vinci‘s bridge). The difficult team tasks and neck-braking climbing exercises illustrated that better results are achieved when teams are cooperating. The second part was held at the “ART Fabrik & Hotel”. The former factory of family Friedrich Engels provided the perfect environment for creative ideas and goal-oriented strategies. Under the direction of Dr. Paul Compes of “Arbeitgeber Südwestfalen” (AGSW), who has been advising us in personnel development and personnel management for quite some time, the crew discussed the unique selling points and corporate culture of BIW and determined the “dos and don'ts”. The workshop was part of our personnel development concept, which provides us with the strength for the challenges of the future. We can only improve our market position if the entire team of the family business feels integrated, is well educated and trained. The strategy “Fit for the future” also includes the training and handling instructions jointly established in the production sectors. All measures for personnel development are based on the international standard “Investors in People” (IIP) and are aimed to establish a high-performance team in an increasingly multicultural society in order to successfully master the competition also in future. Shared ideals are the essential foundation for this endeavour. Split, self-closing polyester hose with securing adhesive tape The BIW-Flextex SK is an economical, abrasion-resistant cable protection for the medium temperature sector (150 °C) for quick and subsequent assembly. The securing of the ready-to-use cable harness occurs by way of double-sided adhesive tape. Examples for the application are the pre-wiring of the engine, the cockpit and seating area. FIT FOR THE FUTURE: WORKSHOP“LEADERSHIP GUIDELINES” WITH ACTIVE TEAM TRAINING The workshop at the end of last year in the climbing hall „Wupperwände“ represented a true highlight for the leaders of BIW. AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCT NEWS: FLEXTEX SK BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH Pregelstraße 5, 58256 Ennepetal, Germany Tel.: +49 (23 33) 83 08-0 Fax: +49 (23 33) 83 08-10 Responsible persons: Ralf Stoffels, Dr. Markus Wiethoff Editorial office: Ralf Stoffels, Anja Auerbach, Sven Braatz, Daniela Lombardi Layout and setting: All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced, stored in a data system or transferred in any form, neither electronically nor mechanically through photocopy, photography or by any other means without prior written approval. „We want to get to the top!“ IMPRINT CONTACT 04 INNOVATION AT A GLANCE — Daniela Lombardi WOLFGANG MILICEVIC „MILO“ born on the 02.09.49, is an employee in produc- tion since 01.03.1976 and thus longest serving member in production Hobbies: Soccer, flea markets Favourite team: FC Schalke 04 The „apple of his eye“: Grandson Norman – who, at the age of thirteen, still spends every weekend with him His goal: His grandson is to have a better life than him. To ensure this, Mr Milicevic turns up at his workplace every Saturday on top of his 40 working hour week and invests the additional income in the future of his grandson Compact When it comes to competence When it comes to competence