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BIW Compact 2-2012 English

01 COMPACT When it comes to competence When it comes to competence Ralf Stoffels Dr. Markus Wiethoff 2/2012 INNOVATION AT A GLANCE Flexibility, opportunities, innovations EDITORIAL Dear friends of BIW, You are holding in your hands the second edition of the customer magazine BIW kompakt or reading our magazine in its online version. We are pleased about the positive response and the multiple feedback from our customers and partners. The focus of the current edition is not our classic silicone extrudates and moulded seals, but the section protective tubes and cable protection systems based on technical textiles (glassfibre, PE, PA 6.6, aramid). This product segment is driven by great dynamics in the market which demand new innovative products from our development team at ever shorter intervals. The driving force in these products, which are found in the electro industry, household appliance industry and the energy and heating technology in various applica- tions, is the automotive industry. The market segment „Automotive“ demands a high degree of flexibility and creativity in terms of development for the protection of the main cable harness, branching cable strands or electronic components and their termination system. We would like to introduce you to some of the latest developments brought onto the market by BIW through team effort from the sectors technical distribution, development and production, ready for series produc- tion within a minimum of time, solving application- specific issues of the OEMs and the First Tier Suppliers. Pleasant reading Production lines Flextex/Flextex SK FLEXTEX & FLEXTEX SK – SUCCESSFUL INNOVATION AT TOP SPEED For more than 40 years BIW continues to develop new products in the sector of technical textiles, particularly for the automotive industry. At the beginning stood, as so often, a cable protection system requested by OEM which should be easy to install, ideally retroactively, comply with various physical and thermal requirements, naturally more cost efficient than existing systems and, of course, available at short notice. The producibility assessment of the BIW developers quickly produced a polyesterhose,self-closinglengthways, as a solution to the problem. The idea of Flextex was born and the first prototypes were produced at the BIW Technology Centre, although manually and with a great deal of improvisation. The introduction of the Flextex pro- totypes received OEM‘s approval both on a tech- nical as well as price aspect. A first pre-serial facility had to be established on the double. BIW‘s own plant engineers again performed the nigh impossible and BIW was able to deliver to the first customers within a few weeks. Parallel to the next development cycle, during which Flextex SK was created, a Flextex with integrated self-adhesive equipment, the capacities were systematically expanded. Several production lines for this innovative product group are now operating in our own production hall a mere few months from idea to serial production. Test the power of innovation of BIW yourself. — DR. MARKUS WIETHOFF