Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology Flexibility, Opportunities, Innovations

Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology

Products from liquid and solid silicone rubber for medical and pharmaceutical applications

The silicone rubber compounds utilised in medical an pharmaceutical are distinguished through their advantageous physiological characteristics. They comply with the requirements according to USP Class VI and the relevant chapters of ISO 10993 as well as various pharmacopoeias. Selected materials with their typical characteristics are listed in our flyer Medical and Pharmaceutical Technology. Special types are available upon request. Liquid silicone is utilised to manufacture mouldings and 2K parts, solid silicone is used for example, in extrudates, hoses and high pressure hoses. In addition, BIW offers the combination of the aforementioned processes.

Application Examples

  • Ventilation tubes
  • High pressure hoses
  • Drainage hoses
  • Dialysis hoses, filters
  • Insufflation hoses
  • Surgical instruments, handles
  • Instrument holder

    Laser and inlay labelling
  • Ventilation tubes
  • High pressure hoses