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Update information due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation

UPDATE - 18.08.2020

Unfortunately the Corona pandemic is not over yet. Politicians are talking about a second wave, while the pharmaceutical companies are working at full speed on a vaccination against the virus.

BIW continues to produce considerably increased quantities of breathing tubes and also supplies the pharmaceutical companies with tubes that are required for the production of medicine.
Internally, measures to protect against infection have been further intensified.
Mouth and nose protection, separate entrances and exits, strict hygiene regulations and a strict separation of departments are only a fraction of the safety measures.

Close cooperation with the authorities in suspected cases, holiday returnees and other risk groups also protects the BIW team and a continuous supply of customers.

INFORMATION - 02.04.2020

Based on the medical standard ISO 13485 and many years of cooperation with the medical and pharmaceutical companies, BIW has fundamental knowledge in the field of breathing tubes, dialysis tubes, cables in the field of drug production and many other components that can save lives.

The often used term "systemically relevant", which also applies to our company, extends the direct medical products. Companies that otherwise equip the hospitals are increasingly being requested and we are ready to provide support.

Especially in the critical phase due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), the demand of some of our customers has increased significantly. The supply chains in the medical industry are very complex because the products have to be specially treated and packaged before they can be used in order to reach the patient in perfect condition. Our production as a supplier of medical devices is therefore dependent on the medical device manufacturers. As a flexible, medium-sized company, we can react immediately and invest in training, conversion of the production lines and speed despite the tense economy.

We are in close contact with our previous customers and also offer our companies quick help. We are here to help!

We have provided sufficient stock on the raw materials side to quickly manufacture the desired products and our team is ready to answer and process the inquiries as quickly as possible

INFORMATION - 23.03.2020

The corona crisis demands everything from us all. Every person, every company, every facility tries to do what he / she can to bring the world out of crisis.

Therefore last week we also changed parts of our production with immediate effect and create additional capacities for the production of emergency breathing tubes!
We are still there for all of our customers, but we ask for your understanding if there are delivery delays due to changed priorities in production.
One of our customers wrote: "The availability of emergency breathing tubes decides in the current situation about victory or defeat, or life and death of hundreds of people !! And I am very reluctant to use this choice of words, but unfortunately it has become a reality. "
We have taken all possible safety precautions internally to protect our team from the virus and are grateful for the cooperation of every employee, especially in the production of the breathing tubes that save lives.

We can only survive the Corona crisis together.

INFORMATION - 19.03.2020

In order to react appropriately to the dynamic situation regarding

the spread of the Corona Virus, our existing risk management was expanded at the beginning of the year and further optimized based on the situation. The health of our employees and business partners comes first.

At the same time, all measures have been taken to continue to ensure the ability to deliver.

We are in constant communication with all partners in the supply chain and have only experienced very few delivery limitations at the moment.

From today's perspective, no significant influence on the delivery situation has been identifiable on the part of our production due to the Corona Virus.

However, the dynamics of the situation with the spread of the virus can lead to changes in the very short term.

We are therefore closely monitoring the current situation and will continue to inform you about the development should any effects on our ability to deliver become apparent.

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