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BIW in times of the Corona Virus

Due to the Covid-19 virus and the accociated shutdowns by well-known automobile manufacturers in the production area of cable protection systems (a combination of glass fiber and silicone), we have reacted flexibly to the situation. Our company is broadly positioned, as we supply to almost all industries, including the medical sector.

What on the one hand has almost come to a standstill is now increasingly coming into focus. There is an urgent need for reusable silicone hoses as well as disposable systems for respirators. As a specialist in silicone processing, we have recognized the situation and converted our production to meet the increased demand in a very short time. BIW is considered a system-relevant supplier, even the German government has intervened and once again underlined the urgency of the products. In consultation with the major medical device manufacturers, production continues to run at full speed in three shifts and we are pleased to be able to make our contribution during this time.


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