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BIW products for medical technology - BIW is here to help!

BIW has been known as a partner and system supplier in the medical and pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Certified according to ISO 13485, we have positioned ourselves perfectly in the field of medical technologies in recent years in the context of close and productive cooperation with the largest manufacturers in medical technology and supply numerous sectors in the industry.

In addition to breathing tubes that are used directly for ventilation for the patient, a large number of silicone tubes are also used as double-lumen tubes or silicone tubes for supplying different media in ventilation or dialysis.

In the current situation, other molded and/or assembled silicone products manufactured by BIW can also save lives in a broader sense: household appliances, cooking devices and autoclaves that are used in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Seals for thermal cabinets in laboratories and institutes that are required for research now more than ever are also produced by BIW.

Especially in the current phase, we have ramped up deliveries to customers in the field of medical technology and are helping to prevent the spread of the corona pandemic by all means or at least ‘to flatten the curve’.

We are currently showing our European customers in particular how valuable local supply chains are and that BIW is a reliable partner that produces quality ‘made in Germany’ and has adapted to changing needs within a very short time.

As a flexible, medium-sized company, we can react immediately to new needs and invest - in spite of the tense economy - in training, conversion of production lines, new technologies and speed. Speed ​​to act quickly.

BIW: We are here to help!

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