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Chlorine-free production - BIW as a pioneer in the silicone industry

As a leading processor of silicone and technical textiles and an innovative part of the chemical industry, BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH is committed to sustainable production operations and its diverse responsibilities. Our engagement focuses on the topics of ecology and economy, but also on the social and societal fields of action.

Based on our management system and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the company fulfills the existing standards ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, which analyze the environmental and energy aspects and successfully validate the company's environmental and energy program.

Another milestone has now been reached as a pioneer for the entire silicone processing industry: chlorine-free production.

The current industry standard for crosslinking silicone rubber is the so-called DCLBP - Di (2,4-dichlorobenzoyl) peroxide. The crosslinker is the chemical substance, also called hardener, that leaves the silicone when it is processed in the oven and triggers a chemical reaction that makes the silicone stable in shape. However, the crosslinker contains chlorine.

BIW has succeeded in developing an alternative crosslinker that does not influence and / or change the end product, but works without chlorine.

This modified, chlorine-free initiator is not part of the product and has no relevance for the properties, properties and quality of the products. Of course, all promised product specifications remain equally fulfilled.

Due to this modification, the element chlorine is no longer part of the crosslinking process.

The BIW project team has already managed (April 2020) to switch over 50% of the products to the chlorine-free initiator.

The path to the future is clear for BIW: chlorine-free production!

Together with our customers and partners, we see this as an important step towards more environmentally friendly production as part of the BIW CSR strategy.

Chlorine free production


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