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BIW vaccinates

Last Friday, we took the leading role in terms of vaccinations.

With a dedicated organizational team and the support of Muth Medical, 164 employees, family members and friends were vaccinated.
From the start of the pandemic, the safety of our employees was always in the focus. All measures of the Corona Protection Ordinance were implemented. Whether it was ordering laptops for a home-office arrangement, streamlining our system to allow for non-workstation based work, or rescheduling work hours. Fever tests were conducted using newly purchased fever thermometers. Disinfectant dispensers were placed and specially developed antibacterial silicone tubes were pulled over all door handles. Last but not least, there is the full range of masks: at first cloth masks, then medical masks, and finally FFP2 masks. We also provided two corona tests per week with the assistance from SNS Security, a local professional corona test provider.
Then for the "Grande Finale" last Friday, 164 employees, family members and friends were vaccinated.
It feels like a big step against Corona!

Once again, we thank all employees, helpers and supporters for your support in this Corona pandemic for your help, commitment and also your perseverance!

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