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The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (the German Federal Employment Agency) has awarded BIW the official certificate for the promotion of young people 2015

From the left: mayor of Ennepetal Wilhelm Wiggenhagen, Head of training BIW Thomas Perian, CEO for Agentur für Arbeit Thomas Helm, CEO for BIW Ralf Stoffels and head of personnel at BIW Uwe Göbel
Origin: Carmen Thomaschewski/Westfalenpost


“In times of great need for specialists, the company BIW has been exemplary in promoting the education of young people. Every year, the company opens up a number of training posts for a wide variety of different career paths. Quality and continuity speak for themselves. BIW also takes parts in educational trade fairs and school projects. In this way, the successful company supports young people in the realisation of their professional aims”, said Thomas Helm, head of the Agentur für Arbeit in Hagen to BIW CEO Ralf Stoffels as the award was presented.

The company is aware of the social responsibility and has been enabling young people to take their first successful steps into a professional career for many years. In August 2015, another five young people will start their training at headquarters in Ennepetal. On completion of their studies, they have good chances of further profess ional options and of being taken on a permanent position. CEO Ralf Stoffels has his own organisation for social, youth, culture and city development and is extremely involved in promoting the people of the region and the community it self.

 “The bigger picture is something every successful company intrinsically involved in a given location must keep in mind. The people that make success possible are key. Today, BIW is the European market leader and the so-called "hidden champion" on the global market. In view of the demographic development and the lack of specialists, there is no alternative for BIW but the acceptance of the dual education system and the investment in education", says Ralf Stoffels in an interview.

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