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Course of VHS visiting BIW

German language course of Volkshochschule Gevelsberg has been invited by BIW

- On 21st of September CEO Ralf Stoffels welcomed participants of a german language course of Volkshochschule Gevelsberg headed by Ms. Melanie Beinert.

As an additional offer of the "Erzählcafé" of VHS Gevelsberg Ralf Stoffels showed his company to refugees and asylum seekers.

It became clear that refugees and asylum seekers have a chance on the German labor market - currently  BIW employs 400 employees from over 25 nations.

The participants surprised the BIW CEO not only with a good knowledge of the German language, but also with their high interest in the operational processes and workplaces.

Ralf Stoffels made no secret of the fact that on the one hand "language" is the basic requirement of integration on the German labor market and on the other hand a high level of commitment and flexibility of each individual is necessary to be successfull on the world market. Today "Made in Germany" is not enough any more, the overall package of price, performance, quality and customer service and also the trust of the company in reliable employees gets more important.

"When it comes to competence" - this claim has to be lived for each request and each order of the customers.

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