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BIW has been the key producer of (cable) protective sleeves for probe applications for decades. The performance of our manufacturing facilities is currently at around 1,500,000 metres per week.

In this way, BIW proves its competence and is thus recognised as worldwide market leader in the silicone-coated glass silk hose product group. At the headquarters in Ennepetal, the full range of specialist hoses is developed and manufactured. Depending on customer requirements and uses, the hoses are characterised by the following features, for example:



  • Cost-optimisation by way of scalable textiles Basic constructions
  • As further development of braiding technolog BIW offers increasingly more cost-effective knitted and fine-knit solutions
  • Very good compression in installation
  • Excellent fulfilment of friction requirements
  • Adjustable fire behaviour in accordance with customer requirements
  • Very good high temperature resistance
  • Maximum reduction of volatile silicone components thanks to subsequent thermal treatment
  • Implementation of special requirements with regard to probe contamination and fogging by way of multiple coordinated temperature cycles, i.e. minimum residual migration
  • Optimised talcum coating with high process security in accordance with the customer requirement and in line with the "as little as possible, as much as necessary" motto

Based on the decades of experience with our customers, we recommend the use of high temperature vulcanised silicone rubber. Hoses with high temperature vulcanised silicone rubber have excellent diameter consistency, an even distribution of wall thickness across the circumference, no particle adhesion and a smooth and spot-free surface. Based on the multiple stage manufacturing procedure in combination with internal compounding, the typical silicone "stickiness" can be avoided and a consistent high puncture strength can be ensured without the limitation of material or manufacturing related holes. In addition, these high temperature vulcanised hoses are easy for the producer to handle and effectively processed.

In part, the probe department has been furthered by some OEM protective sleeves with LSR coatings (LSR = Liquid Silicone Rubber). Of course, BIW also offers products on the basis of this liquid silicone treatment in order to meet the market requirements of all customers. A range of LSR probe hoses is currently
available with nominal widths of 3 to 16 millimetres. The currently specification requirements are thus easily met.

Probe hoses are experiencing a consistent increase in demand at BIW. And in order to meet both the increased quantities and the higher quality requirements, BIW is constantly investing in capacity and development. Alongside the current expansion of our knitting department with a capacity adaptation to include an additional ten production lines (see photograph), we also implement a range of measures to increase process performance and performance.  With the KAIZEN and LEAN production tools at our disposal, we are also able to meet the economic requirements of the market successfully. Our development department is also working on new qualities and products for future probe applications.

The BIW team is happy to support you in new tasks with test samples, data sheets or additional  measurements from our internal certified laboratory.

Why not speak to us and challenge our competences.

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