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The ever increasing road traffic volumes and the challenges posed by almost noise-free electrical vehicles, have resulted in a number of innovations in vehicle safety systems.

The protection of the people inside the vehicle has constantly been further developed and optimised over recent years. Due to legal requirements and adaptation of the Euro rating,  the protection of pedestrians in traffic is going to become a key focal point in future.

Active sensor systems in the front section of the vehicle are designed to improved safety. Airbags in the bonnet will be controlled by highly accurate sensors in the bumper. In the event of a collision, the airbags under the bonnet are  triggered and the pedestrian is transported over the raised bonnet. Control of the sensors must be executed by way of  an extremely precise and safely functioning system which is effective in all environments.

As a high-performance elastomer, silicone is predestined for this task and for meeting the increasing legal requirements. Silicone is not sensitive to environmental influences, but is both media-resistant and displays precise and constant  behaviour over an extremely wide range of temperatures.

The impulses for the activation of the acceleration sensors in the bumper are accordingly transmitted with maximum  precision. Silicone piping is used since it provides a constant wall thickness in a low millimetre range, thus effectively  bridging the gap between reliable transmission of signals and mechanical robustness.

Depending on the project requirements, this piping is available in various Shore hardnesses and colours and produced  on certified machinery. When it comes to production, BIW relies on the competence gained in the manufacturing of  medical products, coupled with the long-term requirements of TS16949 as determined in-house. The comprehensive manufacturing testing and inspection spectrum has also be established and optimised for this purpose. Additional thermal tempering is used to ensure complete vulcanisation and any volatile, and thus disruptive, constituents are safely removed.

The packaging system is carried out in accordance with customer requirements, optionally also in ESD packaging. The piping is available by the metre, or in project-specific lengths by way of optimised cutting technology.

The BIW team will be happy to advise you with regard to your tailored project requirements

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