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HOT WATER AND KTW A sure thing with silicone piping of quality type SANIBIW WB

In November 2015, BIW finalised a successful own development with a certificate from the Hygieneinstitut in Gelsenkirchen. With the designation, SANIBIW WB,

BIW is now able to offer silicone piping which meets all of the categories of the current KTW (Kunststoffe und Trinkwasser / Plastic and drinking water) guideline of the German Federal Environmental Agency  (Umweltbundesamt) for cold water (23 °C) and hot water (65 °C). This includes the first and most critical category "Pipes < 80 mm". For this category, the relationship between volume and surface is most unfavourable for migrative constituents from silicone into the drinking water.

BIW has succeeded in developing a mixture which meets the strict requirements of the KTW in this category. The Hygieneinstitut has, to this end, issued an appropriate certificate in accordance with the analysis and test report. What is special about the SANIBIW WB is the fact that the price-performance ratio is convincing since the own development uses a platinum-catalysed integration system which enables an economic advantage over the current benchmark.

Silicone piping of quality type SANIBIW WB may now  be used, with KTW approval, for many drinking water applications. These include, for example, connection pipes in large kitchens, shower pipes in sanitary areas plus special feed pipes in the food industry. The specifications in this application also increasingly demand the fulfilment of the KTW guideline for pipes < 80 mm in the hot water sector. Materials such as EPDM or PVC are not longer able to meet these requirements. Silicone piping of quality  type SANIBIW WB offers a clean solution.

Colours and reinforced pipe systems are no problem for BIW, since the materials used by BIW are qualified accordingly. FDA and BfR conformity is one of the basic requirements for KTW applications and this has naturally been taken into account. The recommended polyester to be used as armouring material is designed specifically for KTW applications. For any additional questions with regard to potential versions, please get in touch with your contact person.

With silicone pipes of quality type SANIBIW WB you are always making a good decision when it comes to KTW applications for the hot water sector.

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