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BIW receives the 26th South Westphalian Marketing Prize


The 26th South Westphalian Marketing Prize goes to BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH of Ennepetal. The over 280-member-strong Marketing Club of South Westphalia presented the prize on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary event in the Parktheater Iserlohn to the Managing Director Ralf Stoffels.

BIW is thus being honored for very continuous and effective marketing work, which is the key feature of a successful company development. The company has worked its way up in the last few decades to become the global market leader with over 160,000 individual silicone products. Over 5,000 customers from around the world use the products developed in Ennepetal to solve a variety of technical challenges in nearly all industrial sectors. Usually, the silicone parts are located in hidden places. No wonder that BIW is described as a classic Hidden Champion, that is, a secret winner or unknown global market leader. BIW decided about five years ago to abandon this status and in its external communications showed its relevance with self-assurance and boldness. Whether it is the A380 aircraft, the beloved Thermomix or important medical supply devices, BIW shows the meaning for the end customer and gives production a face. The jury was impressed by the approach and consistency and considered the marketing work of BIW to be literally outstanding. The transparency generated as a result, the apprehended trends and the team spirit based on tradition in the steadily growing staff was ultimately able to convince the specialists from the Marketing Club. On the occasion of a stage show, BIW demonstrated the skill of the company. Ralf Stoffels used a metaphor and his son appeared in dynamic blue sneakers. Lutz Stoffels is walking in the footsteps of grandfather and father and is ensuring the third generation of the company. During the stage show, Ralf Stoffels revealed his little secret recipe to the guests: Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. And it is not about trendy little pictures. The simultaneous development of products, prices, distribution channels and communication is the secret of his marketing success. Technically, this is old hat, but as relevant now as ever.

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