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Brennerei Talk is dedicated to the social responsibility of companies

A critical view of supply chains, a careful treatment of the environment, climate and resources as well as projects for employees, young people or the disadvantaged - companies have many opportunities to voluntarily commit themselves economically, ecologically and socially and thus assume social responsibility.

Press release of the EN-Agentur, Ingo Niemann

What opportunities this can bring was the subject of the Brennerei Talk. The business development agency Ennepe-Ruhr, hosted by the Ennepetal company BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH, had invited around 30 representatives from the industry.

"We seek to promote, bundle and systematise corporate social responsibility throughout the Ennepe-Ruhr district. We wish to show how strategically sensible it is to expect profits at different levels," said Jürgen Köder, Managing Director of EN-Agentur. For him one thing is clear: With its predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises, the region offers great potential in this field.

Benefits for those interested: For a few months now, the CSR-Kompetenzzentrum Ruhr (CSR Competence Centre Ruhr) has been a new, competent contact point. In Ennepetal, it became clear: Those who register there will receive extremely practical assistance when it comes to setting up and expanding CSR strategically and organisationally in order to suit their company’s needs. "The project will initially run for three years and will be funded by the European Regional Development Fund," explained Michel Neuhaus, CSR contact at EN-Agentur.

For BIW and Managing Director Ralf Stoffels, CSR has long been a practice. The Ennepetal business is particularly active in the areas of employee promotion and personnel development. This, for example, includes highly individual further training opportunities, health and language courses as well as the integration of socially disadvantaged people and refugees into the company.

"In addition to our high rate of innovation intensity and other business management factors, we see CSR as a key element in asserting ourselves in an increasingly competitive environment and setting us apart from the broad masses", Stoffels made his position clear. But it is just as clear: CSR must be wanted from ‘the top’ and lived every day.

During the course of the event, Managing Director Ralf Stoffels was able to answer numerous questions about CSR in everyday business life.

The CSR contact person for interested companies from Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis is Michel Neuhaus, Phone: 02324/564825, E-mail: Information can also be found at

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The EN-Agentur's event format premiered at the beginning of the year. Since then, every third Tuesday of the month, companies have been able to discuss current topics relating to business management in small groups and have discussions with regional economic development agencies. The meeting point is usually the grain distillery in Gevelsberg.

Topics so far have been the Industrial Waste Ordinance and the Data Protection Ordinance, fast Internet, innovation as a success factor and most recently CSR. For the period after the summer holidays, the EN-Agentur is currently working on a new programme for ‘Brennerei Talk’.

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