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BIW products solve a wide variety of technical problems. Usually in secret. Each of us has BIW products in use in our immediate environment

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—often without immediately recognising it—whether as a protective hose in the auto wiring harness, as a pressure hose in the coffee machine, as a frame gasket in the oven door or as a sealing ring in the heating system.
Modern demands on household appliances, automobiles, heating appliances or medical devices are high. With good reason according to BIW managing director Ralf Stoffels. “With justification, our customers pass this end consumer’s demand for high quality on to us. This means that every day we must demonstrate afresh top shelf customer service and top quality in all customer industries at the global market level. This is what we demand of ourselves on a daily basis whenever we manufacture, test and release these articles at the Ennepetal location and market and supply them to our customers with advice and support.” BIW products turn up in nearly all industrial sectors and in numerous applications. “Therefore, we must impose the most diverse requirements on ourselves in the widest variety of industries,” states Ralf Stoffels. “High temperature resistance, low temperature flexibility, outstanding chemical resistance, good electrical insulation properties, abrasion resistance and high elasticity or flexibility are thus the standard requirements that our products must meet.“ Therefore, technical solutions in the Development department are created in close coordination with the customer. “The composition of the team with persons having different technical and industry backgrounds ensures that all issues are professionally addressed and also can be seen from new and unique points of view.” The technical centre reflects the most import processes of the company on a smaller scale in order to be able to develop and optimise new products and methods independently from series production. The transition into series production is done in close coordination with the respective production areas.
In addition, in the laboratory area various methods are also available for material testing and industry-typical test requirements for things such as mechanical properties and the aging and fire-related behaviour of products. For tasks of a higher order that go beyond our in-house capabilities, there are good connections with external research and testing facilities. The company has core competencies in the automotive field. “We are specialised in the requirements of cable fabricators and for many years have been partners of vehicle electrical system producers for questions and solutions regarding temperature protection, abrasion protection and bundling of cables. Also special adaptations, such as protection against damage from martens gnawing on cables, were developed by us.” A large product range for e-mobility rounds out the offering of BIW. “Moreover, we are development partners for the leading manufacturers of probes and also produce applications in personal protective gear and insulated protective hoses for electric motors.

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