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Prototype Construction

Unique in our industry - own prototype construction

BIW has four fully equipped extrusion production lines designed for the sole purpose of initial sampling.

The technical equipment of the four extrusion lines matches our series production lines precisely so that all testing on the new systems may simply be transferred over to the production systems. This is not just a technical  advantage, this is of particular significance for formal reasons also. When it comes to quality, the new products in the pilot batches made on the serial production lines will also meet the standards to be fulfilled from a formal point of view. The installed technology means that we are able to carry out around 95 % of all testing  (extrusion horizontally and vertically, as well as foam extrusion and co-extrusion). New cable protection systems can also be developed and made ready for series production in an uncomplicated manner by means of crosshead extrusion. And also in the case of formed parts, BIW is setting up speeded-up sampling in consultation with the tool construction.

Organisational adaptations for efficient testing procedures go hand-in-hand with technical measures, ranging from the manufacturability assessments to offer creation and through to the delivery of the new profiles with the required documentation such as EMPB or PPAP.

We have made it our aim to implement every new profile for our customers in good time. We are already able to make one promise with regard to this high quality claim: We will be working to be best of our abilities to ensure we achieve this goal. Please lend us your trust.

Prototype construction & tool design

  • extrusion horizontal
  • extrusion vertical
  • tool design and -conceptionkonzeption
  • qualification of new tool designs
  • CAD (Solid Works)