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Silicone Extrusions

Silicone – a special compound

Due to long-term experience and intensive development work on the field of elastomer technology BIW is time and again relying on innovative and new development standards. One example is our know-how and process for manufacturing high-quality silicone compounds, the basis for our end products.

Our in-house compounding for additional components (additives) to be mixed in with the basic silicone for customisation, to produce material blends and refine them through a strainer. The resulting high-quality silicone compounds are available in a wide spectrum of colours and hardness ranges. These compounds guarantee several chemical, physical and physiological properties in the end product.

We process high-temperature vulcanised silicone rubber (HTV) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) in state-of-the-art processes such as extrusion and injection moulding. Our modern production techniques provide the resulting hoses, profiles and moulded parts with the following properties:

  • Resistant to high-temperature up to +300 °C
  • Flexible at in extremely cold temperatures down to -80 °C
  • Permanently elastic and mechanically resilient
  • Essentially resistant to chemicals
  • Physiologically harmless
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  • Silicone-Hoses
  • Silicone-Round-Cords
  • Silicone-Squares
  • Silicone-Profiles
  • Co-extrudates
  • Reinforced hoses
  • Silicone-Foam-Hoses
  • Silicone-Foam-Profiles
  • Silicone-Foam-Round-Cords
  • Silicone-Foam-Squares
  • Multi-lumen hoses
  • Vulcanised corners