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In the advertising field, BIW is using its partnership with the leading team in the Ennepe-Ruhr South area, EN Baskets Schwelm, in a targeted manner.

The Advertising platform offered by basketball, combines and represents in a special manner, the aspects of "Dynamic", "Determination", "Competitiveness" and "Team spirit," which are also important for development of BIW.

The terms "Top class sport," which is helpful in placing the services and products of the BIW in the proper light, and “Peak performance" of BIW in international business with a local touch through the production location in the Ennepe-Ruhr area offer a unique symbiosis.
Basketball players, who carry the BIW name with outstanding commitment and sporting performance in a team port in the region and beyond the borders, ensure the repeated recognition value of the BIW logo. They support us in recruiting when faced with a lack of trained technicians and demographic developement and, not least, find a chance of changing from the top class sport into business.