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In recent years, we have already introduced the next
generation of management to some customers. Founded by
Werner Stoffels in 1971 and headed by Ralf Stoffels since
1990, two generations are already been represented in the
family business.

Lutz Stoffels - Managing Director

After successfully completing studies (BA - Business Economics and MA - General Management and a Major in  Family Business Management) and a long-term trainee program in all family businesses, the third generation has  been active in sales since mid-2015.Since the beginning of 2017, Lutz Stoffels has been a member of the  management board and continues to work in the commercial area.

The third generation is also focusing on quality, a strong expansion at Ennepetal and an international expansion of the company. As can be seen in the image, the expansion of the production capacities as well as the development of a total of approximately 12,000 m² is progressing well.

The concept of the family business is nevertheless firmly
anchored in the BIW organization. Short information and communication channels, as
well as a flat hierarchy and a strong team spirit provide BIW customers with the greatest
possible flexibility and satisfactory results.
“The company must adapt to market conditions, which means that we are increasingly
internationalizing, wanting to offer customers a world-class excellent service and, of
course, meet the high quality requirements of the ‘Made in Germany’ brand. We want to
be your reliable partner and, in the future, with new developments, your number 1 ally – when it comes to competence.” This is how Lutz Stoffels describes the requirements for the third generation.

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